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Physics MCQs & Solutions for NEET, JEE & MHTCET Students

Why Physics only?

1. Because students find physics difficult as they have to compete against different representations such as experiments, formulae and calculations, graphs, and conceptual explanations at the same time.
2. Because to solve Physics, one needs to do a lot of analysis and that makes it a lot more complicated compared to other subjects
3. Because maximum number of MCQ (Multiple choice questions) in any exam are the type of numericals which are more time consuming
4. Because physics is hierarchical. Students need to build concepts over one basic concept. For example: Motion in 2 dimensions cannot be understood unless motion in 1 dimension is clear
5. Because in physics, multiple concepts are also merged to form one application which makes it more challenging
6. Because Physics is cumulative. If you miss one concept, it is hard to grasp the next one
7. Because physics requires the ability to use algebra and geometry and to go from the specific to the general and back. This is what makes learning physics difficult for students.
8. Moreover, Physics has been mentioned as a tough subject by so many that students have assumed it as the most difficult without giving it a try and many simply avoid this subject based on this assumption

So we bring you this app which is specifically designed to deal with such problems related to physics. It will help students find that this subject is not as difficult as it is generally believed, by giving enough MCQ to practice with video solutions to understand each and every step of the sum in a detailed way. In addition to that, we also have provision for students to ask doubts directly from the app to the professor regarding a particular concept.

This app is like a Pocket friend for all students which is always available to help solve any doubts related to Physics.

Benefits of using our App .

1. Physics being the most difficult subject of all, this app provides complete package for a student to practice enough number of MCQ (Multiple choice questions) and also understand their mistakes with the help of video solutions.

2. 30000+ questions in the form of question bank, segregated in chapter form as per NCERT

3. All questions are provided in the form of an e-book which can be accessed from the app directly. So no printing required!

4. Video solutions to all the questions which guides you through all the steps for better understanding.

5. Unlimited Tests and Quizzes for you to practice till you find yourself comfortable with the most difficult subject in science stream.

6. One stop to find questions for practice, stepwise solutions, quizzes to test your knowledge with time limit.

7. Bookmark facility which helps you to mark important and difficult questions for later review and revision.

8. Test method and pattern is as per the NTA (National Testing Agency) which conducts NEET and JEE for medical and engineering aspirants respectively

9. Easy to use interface for students.

10. Very helpful for all the students as this app gives you experience of online examination directly from your mobile.

11. Additional doubts asking facility for the students to ask specific doubts directly to the professor in case of some difficulty in the video solutions.

12. Difficulty level is assigned to each question as per the exams like NEET and IIT-JEE which makes the students deal with only those kind of questions which can be asked in their respective exams saving their time.

13. Tests and Quiz are made by an automated program which makes sure that no questions are repeated and also maintaining the difficulty level of the paper.

14. Marking system is as per the NEET and JEE exams, giving exact idea about the marks and performance of the students in individual tests.